Meet Our Headmaster

The opportunity to educate your son is a privilege we take very seriously and we regard with immense honour.

We understand parents want their boy to have a stimulating, well-rounded education; one that ensures that they will be ready to forge a successful life beyond school. At Ipswich Grammar School we deliver that and much more.

At our School, we strongly champion the value of a boys-only education and we nurture each and every boy that walks through our gates. We have developed an exceptional, progressive and multi-faceted approach to education, tailored to the needs of boys from Prep to Year 12. Social and emotional wellbeing matter just as much as our boys’ academic and extra-curricular results. Our boys are supported both within and beyond the classroom with inspirational role models and effective mentors. Invariably what sets us apart from other schools is our distinctive culture, borne out of more than 160 years heritage which is still alive and well to this day. Our boys live and breathe our motto Labore Et Honore to work hard with honour. Come and see this for yourself on a tour or at Open Day.

Our statement of intent and aspiration, and the call to action that guides all of us at Ipswich Grammar School is we will challenge ourselves and our boys to be exceptional performers.

We are driven to help our boys discover their talents, broaden their horizons and develop their personal character. We do this by fostering resilience, honour and belonging. We also focus on enhancing communication skills, encouraging teamwork and embracing innovation. At the end of their academic journey at Ipswich Grammar School, our boys are ready to be leading, open-minded citizens in 21st century global communities.

Tradition is important and still shapes some of our guiding principles but we also seek to build on the past and look ahead. This is an innovation rich school that enthusiastically embraces the partnership we have with parents in developing fine young men ready to lead rich and rewarding lives.

This is Ipswich Grammar School.

Richard Morrison