Explicit Teaching

For many students, their school years are memorable not just for their achievements but also for the teachers they encountered and how those teachers motivated and guided them with care, discipline and encouragement.

At Ipswich Grammar School we adopt ‘Explicit Teaching’ as the foundation for our instruction. It focuses on critical core content and breaking this down into smaller foundational blocks and sequences. Each lesson is organised and focused, with a clear goal and learning expectations outlined. Feedback is given weekly to parents as well as formal reports throughout the year.

This type of teaching approach enables our boys to grasp the fundamentals through review and repeated practice. Our teachers focus on the basics in a fun and engaging way. The benefits to our boys are both immediate and long-term.

Our teachers lead from the front. First and foremost they uphold our IGS values and are role-models for our boys. They inspire and mentor them and, when needed, step in to counsel, guide and discipline.