Student Wellbeing

Our Student Wellbeing program ensures each student is known personally, and opportunities are offered for boys to grow and learn in ways that are responsive to their individual needs. These years can be a time of turbulence as they face demands that may not coincide with their level of intellectual and emotional development. Through our programs we encompass age-related issues confronting boys as they move through their early adolescence towards manhood.

The Lifeskills Program implements strategies to ensure the educational, emotional, and physical transition, for each boy is as smooth as possible with an emphasis on identity, relationships, purpose, success, teamwork, and safety. The Program develops young men with strong moral, social, ethical, and spiritual values. In senior years, the program covers the issues of conflict resolution, time management, drugs and alcohol, finance, driver education, mental health, and self-image.

Staff and students work in partnership to ensure each student maintains a strong feeling of safety, personal security, and self-worth. Students are encouraged to assume leadership roles and relationships are developed in a positive way through positive role modelling and building social and emotional well-being.