Prep at Ipswich Grammar School

Selecting the right Prep environment for your son is a big decision. After all, it is the start of their schooling journey and you both want to feel positive that you’ve made the right choice.

Every boy has a unique personality, learning style, interests and needs.

When a boy begins Prep at Ipswich Grammar School he is introduced to a safe and secure precinct that gives him the foundations for a successful education. He will be guided by caring, experienced Early Learning professionals who work with each child to help them learn and develop with confidence.

A Prep boy’s imagination will be ignited while he learns the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy in both traditional and technology-rich formats. By engaging in problem-solving situations, incorporating hands-on activities, our boys learn to create, express and challenge themselves. Boys will also start their journey of learning physical education, music and Chinese to help develop their brains along with their fine and gross motor development.

Boys in Prep at Ipswich Grammar feel valued, safe, and confident, with a supportive pastoral-care system headed by the classroom teacher. Each boy is monitored in the areas of behaviour, academic performance and social and emotional wellbeing.

There is lots of play and lots of fun in Prep but also structure so that boys start to learn routines, responsibility, values and what the bigger school is all about.

Why don't we let the boys tell you about it themselves...

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