Secondary School

The move to Secondary School is an exciting time where students look forward to new friendships, new adventures, and greater independence. We respect the maturity levels of our students as they continue on their journey from being boys to becoming young men. The academic program is intellectually challenging and empowers young men to learn and grow. A supportive environment with a broad offering of subjects, structured literacy programs and enrichment activities assists students in productive learning. The curriculum is learner centred, collaboratively organised, flexibly structured, and well resourced. Through cross-curricular initiatives, structured reading strategies, writers' camps, literacy competitions, and workshops, boys become interested readers and confident and skilled communicators.

The curriculum builds on approaches to learning developed in Junior School. Using these solid foundations, students are guided towards independent and self-directed learning in readiness to map their own career paths through a supportive, collaborative process. Students benefit from a strong emphasis on scholarship, learning, achievement, leadership, character building, and values education.

With structured career education programs, work experience, links and partnerships with universities, business, industry, and government, students can participate in a wide range of learning activities, tailored to suit their needs.

Students choose from a range of subjects in the areas of Science, Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Business, Computing, Industrial Technology, and Physical Education. The curriculum provides a balance of contemporary and traditional subjects as well as vocational and educational training helping to prepare them for the future.

Learning spaces are arranged to encourage social interaction and stimulation. We believe these integrated approaches give our students the best possible start – not just for schooling – but for life.