The Arts

Extensive music, art and performance-based activities are delivered at Ipswich Grammar School to challenge and delight all students. Every boy receives the opportunity to explore his creative self through a diverse range of instrumental and vocal ensembles, visual art exhibitions and drama performances.

The IGS Arts Centre is the home of the Arts at IGS and provides the boys access to state-of-the-art facilities to hone their skills.

Music at IGS

From Prep to Senior School, boys can participate in a comprehensive extra-curricular music program. This connects students to both school and community-based events, workshops and competitions. We offer private music lessons for string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments, including voice and piano, with qualified guidance from of an outstanding team of accomplished music specialists.

Instrumental Music Enrolment Form

Visual Art at IGS

Visual Art is explored at every year level. Students have access to study a range of 2D and 3D artworks as well as photography, ceramics, printmaking, digital designs, and mixed media. Students take part in local, state and national competitions. They undertake collaborative tasks to enhance the school environment and visit professional galleries to gain an authentic understanding of artwork. IGS Arts curate, promote and exhibit to the school community with formal exhibitions each year.

Drama at IGS

The study of Drama provides scope to develop skill and technique in a dynamic, exciting and professional environment. Activities include theatre sports, realism and Epic theatre to channel personal and artistic training for boys to achieve their goals. Each student is individually guided in their progress. This allows them to grow and build maturity. IGS encourages students to develop a viewpoint and test their own creative boundaries.