Boarding at IGS

Ipswich Grammar School offers boarding for boys from Year 7 to Year 12 with options including full boarding, weekly boarding and selective overnight/evening stays. At IGS we welcome boarders from all over Australia and internationally.

Boarders enrich a school in many ways. Their presence creates a fabric of community, of diverse culture and their leadership of fellow students profoundly enhances the experience for day students.

When boys enter our Boarding community at Ipswich Grammar School they will journey through a myriad of experiences and emerge as competent, skilled and independent young men ready to take on the world.

Boarding at IGS

They will learn vital social skills in a community that fosters both independence and cooperation, and they will meet boys from different cultures and develop life-long friendships. They will also gain insights into their own unique skills and talents and be supported as they strive to excel in their own areas of interest, whether they be academic, sporting, musical, or cultural.

Our Boarders are encouraged to build strong relationships. We believe communication is vital for healthy relationships and we understand that boys need to keep in touch with their families while they also develop lasting friendships at the school. Our experienced boarding staff maintain a strong family atmosphere and encourage all students to be involved in the social and pastoral aspects of the school. The health and wellbeing of each boys is a shared responsibility between the Director of Boarding, resident staff, school medical staff and of course Broxy - our Boarding dog.

We work closely with all boarders to develop their leadership skills so that when our boys leave school they will have both the tools and desire to contribute to the wider community. Whether it be through boarding house committee involvement, acting as a buddy for new boys, via peer tutoring during homework, or as a boarding house prefect, a wide range of opportunities are offered for our boys to gain leadership skills.

Weekends are busy with a diverse range of supervised and structured activities such as beach trips, theme parks visits, and a variety of recreational activities. With our heated pool, weights room, gym, and spacious grounds, our boarders have one of the best backyards in the country.

Meet Broxy the Boarding Dog

At IGS, we are committed to supporting our Boarders holistically and Broxy will help our Boarders cope with difficult times that all teenagers deal with but also the associated issues with living away from home.

Broxy helps keep our Boarders company when they are feeling homesick and support them through stressful times.

Broxy was named after the Ibrox Stadium, Home of Glasgow Rangers who also happen to be Director of Boarding Mr Stewart Drinkeld’s favourite Football team.