IGS Connect

The future of learning for boys in rural and remote locations

IGS Connect delivers a high-quality education for boys in their primary school years. It is structured, sequential and skills based within a well-established routine that provides clear expectations and maximises learning time.

Imagine your son attending one of Queensland’s leading boys schools – all from home – whether they are in Longreach, Moree, Charleville or anywhere in Australia.

This is now possible with IGS Connect - a new online learning platform from Ipswich Grammar School.

Developed specifically for boys in rural and remote regions of Australia, IGS Connect will provide your son with a leading education from one of Queensland’s finest schools.

How does IGS Connect Work?

When your son enrols in IGS Connect he is assigned a class and a Teacher and will be part of our school community just like any other student. For the first week of his enrolment, he would be invited to visit Ipswich Grammar School in person to meet his Teacher and classmates and establish familiarity and bonding.

Once back at home and during daily lessons, he will access a live classroom feed through his computer and engage with his classmates based on campus. These real-time classes will be complemented by learning resources sent home and individual feedback sessions with his Teacher.

Our Explicit Teaching model focuses on critical core content and breaking that content down into smaller foundational blocks and sequences. Each lesson is organised and focused, with a clear goal and learning expectations outlined.

In addition, throughout the year, your son will be invited to participate in four residential weeks (one per Term) to further embed him into our community.

The benefits of IGS Connect for your son and your family

For many families, the nearest school is a significant distance away or may have limited access to opportunities. IGS Connect provides a distinct advantage for your son’s education without you having to change your circumstances or send him into a boarding environment before he is ready.

The benefits:

  • Access to a leading boys’ school that specialises in educating boys the way they like to learn
  • Provides both your son and your family with the ability to be part of a warm and welcoming community
  • Commences a journey of tradition for your son where he will don a school uniform for his learning day (boys must wear school greys on camera each day) and learn the importance of being disciplined with his presentation and hygiene
  • Weekly assessment and regular feedback from the teacher to keep him on focussed on his performance and on task
  • A classroom environment that will give him access to a nurturing teacher and a sense of belonging with his classmates
  • An understanding and adoption of the IGS Values – Resilience – Honour – Belonging. He will learn the importance of who he will become just as much as what he wants to do
  • The opportunity to participate in GPS/extra-curricular activities during in-residence weeks
  • Only 2-3 IGS Connect students in each class at any given time in addition to the boys in class on campus

What does your son receive as part of IGS Connect?

The online learning environment will be structured throughout the day and students will have access to materials in advance. Your son will be:

  • Livestreamed into an actual class, being taught live with the rest of the class who are physically in the room
  • Taught curriculum focussed on literacy, numeracy and discovery live content. He will have access to pre-prepared content for PE and Music to supplement his learning.
  • Given a weekly 1 on 1 session with his class teacher (checking for understanding)
  • Given a weekly 1 on 1 with teacher aide (for revision, reading assessments etc)
  • Assigned a buddy in his own year level
  • Given regular virtual catch ups with all IGS Connect students led by a Prefect
  • Supplied with 1 x set of school greys and 1 x IGS school tie

What do you need to supply your son?

  • To join IGS Connect your family will need to support your son with:
  • A Suitable desk/learning environment
  • Internet access
  • Their own device, headphones and printer
  • Booklists and stationery requirements as per Year level requirement.
  • The IGS PE Uniform and additional grey day uniform and black shoes for attendance at in-residence weeks
  • Return travel to and from Ipswich Grammar School for his in-residence weeks (food and accommodation supplied)

Enrolling in IGS Connect

Your son can enrol in IGS Connect at any time of the year, subject to availability.

To enrol immediately use our online enrolment form here or to find out more information, please contact our Enrolments Manager on 07 3813 9604 or enrolments@ipswichgrammar.com and we will outline the process, fees, requirements and commencement journey.

We welcome the opportunity for your son to join the Ipswich Grammar School community.