Finishing well is important in all aspects of life

Thursday 14 Sept 2023

Lachy talking with Old Boys

No one remembers how you start; they only remember how you finish.

I don’t exactly remember who first told me that, but it’s been helpful advice my entire life.

Finishing well is important in all aspects of life. Ask our current cohort of Year 12s and they’ll explain that although they had an excellent start to 2023, and they were keen to make a positive impression, being able to sustain that enthusiasm or high standard, has been important to them in completing their job as school leaders this year.

Finishing well is great for our boys and their self-worth. It reinforces a belief that they can overcome obstacles and achieve objectives. Among other things, successfully finishing a long season in one of their many co-curricular pursuits, especially when faced with losses or challenges, can boost confidence and self-esteem.

How our boys conclude something often leaves a lasting impression on us too. Finishing well can influence how others perceive their dedication and inspiration. It’s amazing how many young boys at IGS look up to the Old Boys and aspire to be like them. A strong finish to the term through assessment can enhance their reputation and credibility with teachers and parents – it can make them stand out from the crowd.

Sometimes, our boys begin projects or pursue goals but falter in the final stages. That’s ok. Sometimes life gets in the way and jobs or tasks get put on hold. Finishing well, even at a later date, ensures that our boys accomplish what they set out to do. Academic success for our boys is not just about starting something; it's about completing it and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Our Old Boys are a wonderful example of how finishing well can set a positive example for others. Time and again, we discuss our Old Boys and the legacy they’ve left because of the energy and enthusiasm with which they completed their final year. Our Year 12s are into the final stretch of their school life and they have done such a fantastic job in upholding and strengthening our school.

As some of our boys could attest to, in finishing something, there often lies unique challenges and misfortunes. Ask some of the 750 secondary school boys who have recently sat exams and finalised assessment for Term 3. They were confronted undoubtedly, with moments of distress or worry, but largely pulled through intact and in good spirits. The next time they think that they’re incapable of completing an assessment, they’ll be able to look back and trust that they can!

Although boys might not be able to see it, finishing even the simplest task, brings about a sense of pride. A sense of relief! Unfinished business can lead to regret and a sense of failure, but finishing well can help our boys avoid these feelings and help them move forward with a sense of accomplishment.

This term has been long and there has been many a boy who has started, and now finished, a wide range of tasks from their to do list. They may have started slowly and gained momentum; they may have started fast and eased into a comfortable rhythm; some, through no fault of their own may have started with a bang but slowly dropped off the pace – it happens.

Regardless, we’re at the finish of the term and our boys will no doubt enjoy a good break. We’ll return for a busy and important Term 4 with many significant events dotting the calendar.

I have no doubt though, given my experience every day here at IGS, that the boys will finish well.

Peter Christie
Dean of Students