​Student Progress Update

Student progression is a key area that we monitor in the Junior School to ensure that all boys, regardless of what they are currently attaining, achieve the best that they possibly can. Student data is tracked through a combination of test scores, weekly Friday Book assessment along with sight word and reading level data that is collected on Weeks 4 and 8 of each term. All of the information gathered is extremely valuable and offers a high level of both teacher and student accountability.The adoption of the Explicit Teaching model has significantly impacted this data. Whilst we are still early in the implementation progress and are not yet masters of this method of delivery, we are still seeing some extremely promising data coming through particularly in our early years. Each child is unique. Some boys have taken off from the outset while others have taken more time to embed the basics before they too have begun to improve.

So what exactly are we seeing? 30% of Prep at or above the end of year national benchmark at the end of Week 4. Numerous Year 1 boys improving more than 15 reading levels already this year. 100% of Year 2 boys can read the end of year high frequency words and 40% can read at or above end of Year 3 standard. Improved reading for understanding across all year groups with 90% of Year 6 successfully demonstrating the comprehension techniques of making a prediction and recalling facts and details. We are improving. Teachers and students. In Year 1 it took nearly a semester for the boys to master their Fry 200 sight words. The Fry 300 words, more complex than previous sets, look likely to be completed in only 8 weeks. This is because the boys have learnt how to learn them, they are concentrating better in class and through active parent support at home.

Our teachers are very proud of the efforts of the boys and the gains that they are making. This is a source of motivation to continue to improve their teaching as well as pride in the outstanding efforts of the boys. Our staff are committed to giving the boys the best possible start to their schooling.

Thank you to all of our parents who are supporting our Explicit Teaching model and their son’s learning. Finishing a hard day at work and then still spending time supporting your son with homework is demonstrating commitment to their learning. Whether it is reciting times tables, practising sight words or listening to your son read, this time and effort does make a difference.

Teachers often talk about the ‘light bulb’ moment, when students suddenly understand a concept and then have the ability to master it and move on. While this most definitely does happen, the reality is that much of the learning that occurs in children is due to practice, time on task and persistence. The Explicit Learning model gives the boys repeated opportunities to learn core concepts as well as the chance to be extended to do more. Our teachers are growing in expertise and our boys are starting to fly. This we hope will lead to ‘exceptional performance’. Each child achieving their very best.

Mark Douglas
Head of Junior School