My First Week

Like most boys, transitioning to Secondary school had its challenges for Sam McCosker but he’s found his way by embracing the values of resilience and belonging and tapping into the support systems in place around him. We were all new once, and we all make mistakes. It’s the way we deal with those mistakes that set us apart. Sam recounted his first week at IGS for a recent English task and can now reflect on how far he’s come in a short space of time. 

“My first days of high school have been hard but I have found my way through it. Of course being a new student at a new school isn’t so easy. I have made mistakes a couple of time by being in the wrong class, being late or forgetting things, but I think that is pretty normal. Teachers, friends and older boys have helped me through this first week so I know where to go next time. My old school was a lot different. We used to stay in the same classroom all day and have the same teacher, so the teachers had to be pretty well rounded, but it was good. This school is good too. I didn’t have to catch a bus at 7am every day. It’s different changing classrooms every lesson but it’s good to have a teacher that used to study their subject only. Overall I love being at this school and I can’t wait to see what opportunities I can get here at IGS. I also look forward to simply being at this school because the school is so great. I also thank my parents for sending me here and all the teachers [for] being so welcoming to me and the other people.”