External exams: tips for improving results

Now that we have started our final term of 2022, there is certainly a feeling of being on the downhill run to Christmas. We have six weeks to go before our boys will be on summer holidays, and for our Year 12s, there is even less time left on the academic calendar. However, before the Year 12s graduate as Old Boys, they have one last event to conquer: their External Exams.

As a school, we have been actively preparing our boys for this suite of exams for over two years, and finally this moment will be here in a little over a week.

It’s important that the Year 12s understand that the time is now, and it is not too late to put in a final effort. After all, that final push could mean the difference of one percent or more.

Below are some last-minute tips for optimising a boy’s results in their External Exams:

  • Take one more practice test: the goal of taking one more test is to build stamina and to identify any outstanding weaknesses that can be addressed in the days/ hours leading up to the exam. It will also assist with psychological preparedness.
  • Focus on quality, not quantity: boys should be looking in detail at the questions or concepts that they struggle with, not just focussing on the things they get right.
  • Get some sleep: sleep deprivation can impact a boy’s test preparation. A boy should be getting 8 hours of sleep in the lead up to their exams. People who are well rested are better able to perform and remember what they need to.
  • Eat well: boys should be focused on eating healthily, and this should include fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and protein. Research shows that what constitutes a boy’s diet leading up to a cognitive test can impact their performance.
  • Get some physical activity: encourage your son to be active as it improves their learning. Moderate cardiovascular activity can have a beneficial effect on retention of information and focus.

On Monday 24 October, our Year 12 boys will begin the first of their External Exams with English and they will finish on Tuesday 15 November with Agricultural Science, Chinese and Japanese.

We wish our Class 159 the very best of luck with their final exams.

Catherine Cuddihy
Dean of Academics