Giving at IGS

A major part of our strategic planning at Ipswich Grammar School is to continue to look to the future for our boys. This involves ensuring our school remains at the forefront of learning innovation through facilities, educational and co-curricular programs and our staff are trained to the highest level.  

It also means ongoing investment into our school through new buildings and the maintenance, or renovation, of existing ones. To be a school of exceptional performance, we can’t stand still. We need to always ensure that we aim high when creating a future so our boys have the greatest opportunities possible available to them.

There are a variety of ways you can support the school. Donations can be made to the Building Fund, the Scholarships and Bursaries Fund or a Bequest in your will.

In the past we have experienced great generosity from Old Boys, families, the wider community and businesses whom have all left legacies for our future generations. 

Our Current Project – STEM and The Arts

Over the next two years we are commencing the development of an ambitious project – a new STEM Building and a fully refurbished Arts Building. 

The development of these facilities is a significant investment in our school and an integral component of our current Strategic Plan. 

The first of these projects, Ipswich Grammar School’s STEM Building, will be located in the area that, until recently, were our school’s Art studios and former Boarding dormitories. Our STEM building will be an innovative learning space consisting of teaching spaces, laboratories, break out rooms and lecture theatre - all encased in a technology-rich environment. 

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are knowledge sets vital for our boys’ futures. Mastering STEM subjects will provide our boys with opportunities to pursue fulfilling careers and make real differences in the world we live in. This innovative educational approach which seeks to have our boys apply their understandings in the Sciences and Maths to real life situations will help our boys prepare themselves to contribute to the scientific developments and innovations of tomorrow, providing solutions to some of the big issues we all face in the future.

An Artist Impression of the STEM building from the perspective of Woodend road

An Artist Impression of the STEM building from the perspective of the Senior Quad

We are asking our community to be part of this rare opportunity to make a difference in our boys' futures by donating generously to our fundraising campaign. 

How can you support the Building Fund?

As the saying goes, every little bit helps. We have set ourselves an ambitious target to fundraise $2,000,000 and we are asking for your generous support.

The Ipswich Grammar School Building Fund is a registered charity. All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. 

Opportunities for various naming rights are currently being offered for these buildings and we would be happy to discuss this further with you. 

Scholarship and Bursary Fund

An Ipswich Grammar School education is an experience that will remain with the boys and families for the rest of their lives. Not only is the opportunity to excel academically but the red and white spirit that resonates with the students long after graduation as they journey through life as Old Boys. A scholarship helps support families that are hoping to provide this unique experience for their sons.   

A cohort supported bursary is a great way for a group of Old Boys to work together to give a boy the support he needs to receive the same experience and opportunities and create similar memories that they did when they were at IGS. The Class of 1963 have proudly created such a bursary and are encouraging other cohorts to help where they can by doing the same.


Bequeathing to Ipswich Grammar School has significant impact on the sustainability of the school, enabling us to successfully plan for future growth, modernisation and refurbishments.

Bequests can be set up in your will as a full bequest, remainder, alternatives or a gift. 

How can you make a difference?

All donations can be made online or alternatively Bank transfer, cheque payments or Credit Card payments can also be made.

Bank Transfer

BSB:    034-189

ACC:    379442

To ensure your donation meets your request please use the following reference:

For the Building Fund please use BF_Name                        

and for the Scholarship & Bursary Fund please use SB_Name

Following your transfer, please email to advise of the payment. 

For further information on how you can support Ipswich Grammar School, please contact our Community Development Manager Carol Levinge on or on 07 3813 9651