Our School

Our Staff


Mr Richard Morrison
Mr Tony Dosen
Deputy Headmaster
Mr Matt McLoughlin
Business Manager
Ms Catherine Cuddihy
Dean of Academics
Mr Peter Christie
Dean of Students
Mr Ben Gates
Head of Junior School
Mr Stewart Drinkeld
Director of Boarding
Mrs Erin Sorrensen
Director of Marketing and Community
Ms Harlie Thompson
Deputy Head of Junior School

Junior School

Mrs Anja-Lee Caldwell
Junior School Teacher
Mrs Karen Carseldine
Junior School Teacher
Mr Jack Carr
Junior School Teacher
Mrs Shelley Ede
Junior School Teacher
Miss Emma Forsyth
Junior School Teacher
Mrs Anne-Marie Grainger
Teacher Aide
Mrs Natalia Grieves
Junior School Teacher
Miss Amy Jenkins
Junior School Teacher
Ms Amy Jones
Junior School Teacher
Ms Meredith Kellen
Junior School Teacher
Mr Julian Knight
Junior School Teacher
Ms Blythe Kunde
Junior School Teacher
Mr Nigel Ladd
Teacher Aide
Miss Morgan Leeder
Junior School Teacher
Mrs Margaret Lennie
Teacher Aide
Ms Sophie Lewis
Junior School Teacher
Ms Mhairi Lindsay
Teacher Aide
Mr Paul Moloney
Junior School Teacher
Mrs Susan Norrie
Teacher Aide
Mr Patrick O'Halloran
Junior School Teacher
Mrs Melissa Lee
Junior School Teacher
Mrs Julie Stewart
Junior School - Library Assistant
Ms Georgia Sully
Junior School Teacher
Mrs Kimberley Webb
Teacher Aide
Ms Rebecca White
Teacher Aide
Mrs Sophie O'Sullivan
Junior School Teacher

Secondary School

Mr Michael Abbott
Secondary Teacher - Health and Physical Education
Mr John Acutt
Head of Department - English
Dr Joe Andersen
Secondary Teacher - Maths/Physics
Mrs Beth Barrett
Secondary Teacher - Humanities
Mr Darren Brown
Secondary Teacher - Science/Agriculture/Horticulture
Mr Stephen Butterfield
Head of Department - Industrial Tech and Design
Miss Eleanor Cassinelli
Secondary Teacher - English/ Humanities
Mrs Sally Chalvatzis
Secondary Teacher - Mathematics/Science
Mr Rob Charles
Head of Year 10/Careers Counsellor
Ms Katie Charlton
Secondary Teacher - English/Humanities
Mr Max Christensen
Secondary Teacher - Accounting
Ms Erin Clare
Head of Year 7
Mr Luke Cocco
Secondary Teacher - Health and Physical Education/Science
Mr Bill Connolly
Secondary Teacher - Engineering/ Design
Mr Kieran Daymon
Secondary Teacher - Mathematics/ Health and Physical Education
Mr Michael Dixon
Secondary Teacher - History/Legal Studies
Mr Mark Fancourt
Head of Year 8
Mr Chris Farrelly
Head of Department - Science
Mr Dmitri Fedoulov
Secondary Teacher - Mathematics
Mrs Julie Folan
Secondary Teacher - Learning Enhancement
Mr Adam French
Head of Department - Mathematics
Mr Jordan Frohloff
Secondary Teacher - Biology
Mr Ian Gabb
Teacher Aide - Industrial Tech and Design
Ms Georgia Gard
Teacher Aide
Mr Liam Grace
Secondary Teacher - HPE/Maths/Science
Miss Megan Hampson
Secondary Teacher - Mathematics/German
Mr Darren Hines
Secondary Teacher - Mathematics/Science
Mrs Angela Isaacs
Teacher Aide - Learning Support
Mr Matthew Johansen
Head of Department - Explicit Teaching and Data Analysis
Mr Andrew Joyce
Head of Year 11
Miss Rosie Jumelet
Secondary Teacher - English/Drama
Mr Matthew King
Secondary Teacher – Chinese/Humanities
Mrs Alison Krause
Secondary Teacher - Learning Enhancement
Mr Ken Lightbody
Secondary Teacher - Industrial Tech and Design
Mr Duncan Mackintosh
Head of Department - Health and Physical Education
Dr Ray Marshall
Secondary Teacher - Chemistry
Mr Fady Milik
Secondary Teacher - STEM
Ms Jodie Milne
Head of Department - Learning Enhancement
Mr Kieran Moffat
Secondary Teacher - Health and Physical Education
Dr Thomas Mollee
Secondary Teacher - Maths
Mr Neil O'Brien
Secondary Teacher
Ms Roslyn Peters
Secondary Teacher - Science
Mr Alan Pike
Head of Year 9
Mrs Kate Pitty
Head of Department - Humanities
Mr David Price
Secondary Teacher - German
Mrs Leah Rossi
Teacher Aide
Ms Susan Shaw
Secondary Teacher - Economics/Business/Humanities
Mr Michael Stjepcevic
Secondary Teacher - Maths
Mr James Strathdee
Secondary Teacher - English/History
Mr Gregory Taylor
Secondary Teacher - Japanese
Mr Andrew Walsh
Secondary Teacher - Health and Physical Education
Mr Michael Wellings
Head of Year 12
Ms Sara Wong
Secondary Teacher - English/ Humanities
Mrs Lily Wood
Secondary Teacher - English
Mr Evan Woodward
Secondary Teacher - Science
Mr Lachlan Pfeffer
Permanent Supply Teacher
Mr Liam Marchant
Secondary Teacher - English/Humanities
Ms Stephanie Marsh
Secondary Teacher - Science

The Arts

Mr Leon Wensley
Director of Performance/Head of Department - The Arts
Mrs Barbara Bartz
Junior School Teacher - Art
Ms Millie Bourke
Secondary Teacher - Music
Ms Renee Edson
Lower Strings Tutor
Ms Heather Farquhar
Upper Strings Tutor
Mr Jonathan Farquhar
Woodwind Tutor
Mr Ian Feltham
Instrumental Music Coordinator
Mr Gianluca Politi
Junior School Teacher - Music
Ms Kylie Stenzel
Teacher Aide - Art

Sports and Activities

Mr Nigel Greive
Director of Sport and Activities
Mr Jonathan Auguste
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
Mr Andrew Catton
Sports and Extra Curricular Coordinator
Mr Jason Ralph
Sports Administrator
Ms Erica Allen
Sports Administrator

Support Staff

Mr Paul Whitehead
Facilities Manager
Miss Bonnie Ellis
Academic Support Officer
Ms Katie Cramb
School Nurse
Mrs Sarah Govus
Student Services Officer
Mrs Michelle Hawck
Mrs Kym Horsey
Mr Matthew Jeffrey
Accounts Manager
Mrs Shannon Keller
Administration Manager
Mr Denzel Kennedy
Indigenous Support Officer
Mr Tony Mickel
ICT Systems Administrator
Mrs Nicola Oakley
Data Management Coordinator
Mr Dave Peace
ICT Manager
Miss Sindy Perrem
Secretary to Junior School
Mrs Denelle Rosenberg
Clothing Store Manager
Ms Lorna Shepherd
School Counsellor
Mr Zane Steel
Junior Accountant
Mrs Tracey Twigg
PA to the Headmaster
Ms Anne Usher
Boarding Mother/Nurse
Mrs Catrina Wattke
Accounts Receivable Officer
Ms Emily Yourell
Human Resources Manager
Mr Broxy
The Boarding Dog
Mr Colen Wilson
ICT Assistant
Miss Brooke Cox
Human Resources Administrator
Mrs Gillian Klein
HR Officer
Mrs Anthea Hawley
Finance Manager
Mr Gerard O’Keeffe
Projects and Assets Manager
Mr Matthew Baldwin
ICT Assistant
Miss Ellen Rothwell
School Nurse

Marketing and Community

Ms Larissa Holt
Enrolments Manager
Mrs Carol Levinge
Community Development Manager
Ms Jessica Kwok
International Marketing Manager
Mrs Karen Millican
Enrolments Officer
Ms Kacey Yates
Marketing and Communications Coordinator