STEM Dreams Start Here

In the past few weeks a number of separate events have taken place, and yet all these events can be linked neatly together.

Firstly for many boys this is the time where their attention has turned for selecting subjects that they would like to study next year. The Year 10 students are selecting subjects linked to areas of interest and success leading to post school options; a good OP, Rank, entry into a University, an apprenticeship or a job.

In Year 8 and 9 the boys are selecting additional subjects that sit next to the core subjects of Maths, English, Science, Humanities, and PE. These elective subjects will start to give them a greater insight into areas that they might wish to delve deeper into as an area of interest to them.

As parents you will be sitting down with your son’s and thinking about possible options, it is important for me to consider and think about a curriculum that is meeting our national and state requirements but also has us pointed to the horizon and ensuring that our curriculum offers and allows our boys opportunities into this century.

The second tie-in was an interesting article in The Australian last Thursday, titled “Science-loving children seek to make a career dreams come true”. It listed the top five jobs that boys and girls want to do when they grow up. For boys, in fifth position, surprise surprise, a firefighter (10%), in fourth position, a Pilot (10%), in third an Athlete (11%), a Policeman came in second on 15%, and the number job boys aged five to 12 was to be a scientist (15%).

The third aspect was another article this time last Wednesday from The Courier Mail titled, “Robots could soon take over the world. No this isn’t science fiction”. This article highlighted the fact that driverless cars are already on our streets having test runs and this is just the beginning. If you think this is still too far-fetched, a company called Boston Dynamics which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Google ( is at the forefront of developing robots. An example of this is their Sandflea which can leap small building, and a small dog which can trot up hills and stairs, as well as a human like robot running through a forest.

The fourth tie-in was the recent announcement of Hayden Randall winning the prestigious Peter Doherty Awards for Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education for the Outstanding Senior Science Student, and then there is Tom Raymond who attended the International Science School at the University of Sydney last break, where he was presented with the prestigious Len Basser Prize for Scientific Leadership. Both wonderful achievements.

As I stated at the beginning our Year 10 students are now planning their subjects and pathways through Years 11 and 12 and beyond. The pace of change is accelerating, increasing globalisation, technology, communication and social networking, advancing at an exponential rate, and an explosion of knowledge we need to continually ensure we are adapting to meet these needs. In 2015 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) was introduced into the curriculum in Year 9 and now we have expanded this into Year 10 and we have looked at the growth of pathway options that our boys are choosing and so have introduced subjects like the OP subjects of Engineering and Information Technology Systems. By providing flexible options students can choose subjects that interest them and we continue to offer diversity and scope to cater for all boys and prepare them for whatever career they choose when they grow up.

Tony Dosen

Deputy Headmaster/Head of Senior School