Debating is an exciting extra-curricular activity which builds character, teamwork, and confidence. IGS debaters carry themselves with pride and follow in a proud tradition of healthy competition.

Debating is a formal, structured argument. It is the art of gentle persuasion, or in other words, it is an emotive call to action. Persuasion is a powerful weapon, because the most seemingly innocent of texts can be biased and distort our view of the world.

Persuasion sets out to shape a particular point of view and prompt people to action. Whatever the message may be, those who are skilled in the art of persuasion can make any message seem credible, any cause seem worth fighting for, and any commodity seem desirable.

Debating is a disciplined and sophisticated battle of wits between two teams of three speakers with the aim of establishing one view as superior to another. It is a team effort, with structured conventions, and not a set of individual speeches. Patience, persistence and respect blossom into a maturity of thought and expression.

Master in Charge

Miss Eleanor Cassinelli